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A Sharpshooter Member is a natural person in whose name a Membership Certificate has been issued.  The Club will issue only 1,900 Sharpshooter Membership Certificates. A Sharpshooter Member shall pay the following annual fees and dues exclusive of the 12% VAT:


Joining fee:      PHP 50,000.00

Annual membership renewal fee:      PHP 100,000.00

Monthly Dues:      PHP 8,000.00

Processing Fee/Admin fee:      PHP 1,500.00

Total Annual fees and dues:       Php 150,000



Sharpshooter members are entitled to the following privileges, provided that these may be suspended or revoked at any time by the Board of Directors.



(i)        allowed to have one (1) guest per visit;


(ii)       Free use of the Shooting Range;


(iii)      Consumable F and B in the amount of P500 per month


(iv)      5% discount on shooting packages;


(v)       5% discount on gun rental;


(vi)      5% discount on additional ammunition;


(vii)   Sharpshooter Members who meet a minimum monthly purchase of Php10,000 in food and beverages will be entitled to a 3% patronage rebate on the total purchases for the relevant month.


(viii)    Sharpshooter Members using the function rooms with a total food and beverage consumption (excluding miscellaneous charges such as sound system, electricity and corkage) of at least Php10,000 will be entitled to a 3% special patronage rebate on total food and beverage consumption at the function rooms.

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